Ok, I want you to know that you are right on! There is ABSOLUTELY no reason that our kids cannot go back to school period. Yes, set up protocols for added safety, but get these kids going back to school.

First and foremost, I also want to add something - yes, the private schools are open, but there isn't anything that says us parents, grandparents and professionals cannot replace the teachers and get those damn schools open.

It is much better then having kids continue to fall behind, have no help, can't work the online school assignments and or have no backing at home from their parents.

So, how do we go about opening the public schools - so bussing and services can be working, how can we bring people/ professionals and volunteers on to help in the classroom with the students learning?

We do NOT need the Teacher's Unions. They are not being responsible here in California and there is a petition to recall Newsom - but how do we get Newsom to see the light, allow schools to open, there are still educational funds available, get busses running and people coming together to open the schools - there are libraries, there are gyms, there are cafeteria's in the schools - we could utilize every single space available, help the kids with masks and washing their hands, provide good breakfast and lunch meals for them and get them on track.

Too many are losing this fight - the kids - they are being set back not because they have dropped out but because adults are making stupid decisions. I have been a computer teacher in the elementary school levels, I have fostered many students, I have fought with districts to get what is needed for students I fostered and so much more.

Let's come up with a way to make this happen - join togerther and help our students - the suicide rate is off the charts and we are sitting on our butts being told whata not to do.

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