I Asked A Question On Facebook And The Darn Replies Just Blew Right Up!

Getting people back on track isn’t easy.

Anger is growing. When the House and Senate do not come together to resolve an issue, and the issue becomes a battleground, the people it hurts are all of us. Yes; we have voted in a different regime to help us move forward as a country. In the meantime, damage is continuing to grow.

Have we gotten too complacent with the Government? There are programs in place to help us when we hit a snag in our income, our health, and our food. Since COVID-19 has hit, people have been under additional stress, losing their incomes, no school for our children except online, massive lines at local food banks.

On Facebook, Brian Tyler Cohen posted info about the $600 going to Americans and Trump not signing the bill both the House and the Senate passed. None of us have immediate control over anything that is Government related. The lack of cohesiveness between the White House, the House, and the Senate has caused additional harm to our fellow Americans.

With that in mind, I asked the Facebook group “I have a question for everyone — it is true, the programs we have are supposed to help us get back on our feet however, there has never been continuity in the White House and the House and Senate.”

“So, what can we do as people to help ourselves while Congress sits on their pedestal and bicker and fight? I have some ideas — but why rely on Congress to help us out during this horrendous time when the art of resolution doesn’t exist.”

A simple question has definitely stirred the pot. Acknowledging each person for their response and making a suggestion shows them I am reading their responses. However, I am asking for solutions. We need a different post for people to air their displeasure and concerns. I understand that people need to express their feelings. It is the only way you can move forward. But the post isn’t asking anyone for their personal feelings. It is simply asking them for idea’s on how we can help each other.

I am working on demystifying the term “labels.” It is like fitting you in a box you have no escape from. We are all human beings. We need to come together to help each other.

Let’s be clear. Americans have come together to instill this change. We have a new, diversified regime stepping in January 20th, 2021. Georgia is at a crossroads. January 5th will determine who will control the senate. The majority have spoken. We want and choose change.

These changes are not helping the immediate need to help families with no income, no way to pay their utility bills, keeping food on the table or putting gas in the car!

So, my asking is to get people working together to help their fellow neighbors. Here are the top (5) public health issues that have escalated amid the pandemic:

  • Mental Health — Mental Health issues are skyrocketing. Did you know that the “2nd” leading cause of death in 10–34-year-olds is suicide? Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death in 35–54-year-olds. Article updated September 2020.
  • Drug Overdoses — Early data suggests this trend is continuing in 2020, likely because of Americans’ prolonged isolation, economic hardships and changes to the U.S. drug trade, reports The Washington Post.
  • Preventable Infectious Diseases — COVID-19-related lockdowns and travel restrictions have forced many countries to pause immunization programs, resulting in a spike of vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and diphtheria. Preliminary data from January through April also shows a “substantial drop” in the number of children receiving three doses of the vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, the WHO said. This could be the first time the world sees a drop in immunization coverage for these diseases in 28 years.
  • Food InsecurityBefore the coronavirus pandemic, over 35 million people struggled with hunger in the United States, including over 10 million children.… Over 50 million people, including 17 million children, may experience food insecurity in 2020.
  • Legionnaire’s Disease (Since many commercial buildings have been closed since mid-March, the buildings plumbing could build bacteria up in some buildings’ plumbing systems.

Now for solutions:

People feel helpless, they don’t feel there is anything they can do. Some Facebook replies stated this. I get it. They have conditioned us to rely on government resources to help us. When we don’t have that, we need to get a bit creative, ask questions, and come up with solutions.

Do you know that there are 331,002,651 people in the United States? What would happen if we set a fund up where everyone donated $1? Think maybe this would help a few families? Help a few landlords and businesses get through the rough stages?

This is what I know. We are a resilient bunch. When push comes to shove, we step up. Please leave a comment and let me know other helpful solutions. Someone, somewhere is going to find this article and it will help them. They will realize they are not alone.

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